....Jo Jo Gleave and John Chatterton, from Widnes, Cheshire,

each with a vast amount of experience working in various rock

and pop bands as well as providing music for elderly and

disabled groups

....an acoustic blend of stunning and breathtaking female vocals

and the beautiful sound of the classical acoustic guitar

....accomplished entertainers with songs and tunes from an

extensive catalogue; from pop hits to jazz, blues and show

tunes to instrumental improvisations....click hear for Jay songs!


Anno Brandreth ( bass guitar, vocals), Johnny Goth-Daddy (drums) & John (guitar, vocals)

Intense blues based Power Trio with 60/70s influences and rich improvised soundscapes,weavers of sonic tapestries and feel good hooks...

Upcoming gig


21st The Studio,
5 Lacey St, Widnes WA8 7SQ

John R Chatterton & Ian D Hall

the poems of Ian D Hall - The Lunatic, The Lover, The Poet. Brought up in Birmingham, Cornwall, Guernsey and Bicester. Music fan, theatre goer. University of Liverpool graduate...
suitably and respectfully backed by acoustic
guitar mutterings from JC

"Absolute pleasure to have you on the bill Ian superb mate,and as for John Chatterton,one of the finest musicians I've seen in a long time,spot on guys.."πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Bob Bell

Chatterton & Gordon

the poetry of Liverpool born and Wirral based Jim Gordon....

accompanied, live, by the guitar of John R Chatterton

'There's a simple explanation
I'm afraid I'd fall without any provocation
i'd be the unlucky one where the harness snapped

or I'd be trapped on a ledge unable to budge
frozen to the spot;
climb ev'ry mountain?
i'd tell 'em where to go
if they suggested scaling just one peak
I'd freak out;
you can suggest it, I'd say
you can moot it, I'd say,
me do it, I'd say,
me NOT do it, go away, I'd say!

It's not the falling that bothers me
it's the dying
and I'd be lying if I said otherwise.
I've no interest,
the Matterhorn?
It matters even less;
I don't mind hills though
you can't fall off a hill
but you can fall off a mountain.

Climb ev'ry mountain.
it's an idea I've always discounted
it's not for me
it's not a box i'd tick,
I'll leave it to the mountaineering fraternity
and to the 'Sound of Music''

Jim GordonΒ©